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Warranty Period is 2+3 Total 5 Years.

High Quality

All Mascot Kitchen Products contain High Quality chrome plated surface.

Since 1957

Our company produces all juicer presses focused on quality and functional design.

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Moon Juicer Industry

Large interior volume:
It provides easy and rapid tightening thanks to the power it captures with the enlarged internal structure of the squeezing chamber.

Thanks to its specially designed structure, it provides an easy and trouble-free squeezing process. With the special angled and sufficient number of holes in the strainer, it ensures the evacuation of fruit juice without overflowing. Sieve; It is made of 304 quality stainless steel.

With its structure that adapts to all fruits recommended to be squeezed, it provides 50% gain in each squeeze compared to its equivalents.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers, orange juicers, pomegranate juicers, fruit juicers suitable for industrial and home use are at Mascot Kitchen.

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Industrial Products

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Household Products

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Working according to the stocked and contract production system, Mascot continues its production activities by taking into account the supply and demand situations. It continues its sales activities throughout Turkey with its product variety of industrial can opener, pineapple cutter, ashtray and stovetop cooking groups, especially Fruit Press. Aiming to consolidate its position in Turkey, Mascot exports its products to more than 25 countries under its own brand.

Our Mission

Mascot, which continues its production with the principle of customer-oriented and continuous improvement, has never compromised on the principle of quality and trust.

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Our products, which are completely domestically produced with the latest technology and high quality, are guaranteed for 5 years.

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